A distinct brand is the one for which the public believes that there is no substitute.
Each brand with the right strategy can become unique.
At New Age we “build” the brand image on a solid basis, creating a positive perception of the target audience, with the aim of cultivating trust in the brand and ultimately creating a reputation.


Imagination, Experience, Strategy: Keywords that identify a group of people ready to take on your project.
From creating a corporate identity to writing a TV spot, we are ready to create a result that will excite you and make your product stand out.

• Corporate identity

• Print

• Packaging

• Ads

• Website design


Our approach to media planning and buying is incompatible.
The goal is the plan that will turn the consumer’s addition into a real return for the customer.
Since 2003, we have run media campaigns for countless brands.
Every media plan always enters the “negotiating table”.


Welcome to serious media strategies!

• Exclusive Barter Deals for extra air time / transmission time.

• Investment Optimization that ensures maximum return at the lowest prices

• Agreements with regional networks for additional Discount

• Personalized Media Tools in different markets for investment optimization

• Flexible last minute buying & premium placement


The strategy, the inspiration, the strength of communication, with digital means as a common denominator.

Motivated by diversity, but still commercial, we open new channels of interaction, using the magical world of digital marketing as a canvas.

• Social Media Handling & Campaigning

• Digital Design & implementation of fresh material

• Digital Strategy & Consulting

• Audience Engagement

• Display Advertising

• Native Advertising

• Influencer Marketing

• Digital Research, Monitoring & Reporting

• Site Construction


The place where ideas go when they grow up!

The editing of the production of an advertising spot is the touch that turns a beautiful dish into a gourmet pleasure!

• Post Production

• TV Commercials

• Radio Commercials

• Youtube Videos

• 3D Animation